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Why Should You Choose Sticky Over Typical Contactless Payment?

The NextGenDonate solution powered by Sticky offers a wide range of advantages over a typical contactless card machine transaction that can make receiving donations easier, no matter the size of your charity.

Card machine donation points are large and clunky, taking up an unnecessary amount of often valuable space. In comparison, Sticky’s are compact, small and most importantly, can be stuck to any surface. Your charity would be able to incorporate a Sticky into any space and scenario, freeing up your options and letting you truly place donation points anywhere.

Card machines are also restricted to areas within range of an electrical outlet for charging. Sticky’s have no need for power, further reducing the restrictions of typical contactless payments. This also eliminates the need for any maintenance, with Sticky additionally being completely weatherproof. Sticky’s are low cost to deploy and operate, providing your charity with a more cost-effective versatile solution that works more effectively than it’s competitors.

Setting up a Sticky is also incredibly simple. Take of the adhesive cover on the back, attach it to any surface and you’re ready to go. It takes mere seconds to apply a Sticky to your charity’s venues or events, unlike card machines, which can take a fair amount of time and effort to set up, with lots of things to consider if you want to keep the machine safe.

When you pay with a card machine, interaction ends as soon as the payment has been finalised. Sticky lets you show information through audio, video and images that leave a longer lasting impact on your donators. This transforms the donating experience from just a payment to an enriched engagement with your charity.

When you compare the two, Sticky offers a more dynamic and engaging donating experience, with many features that make it easier for both your charity and your donators. Ask yourself the question, “Can This Help Your Charity?”

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