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See Contactless Donation In Action

Here’s What We Do

Experience the Demonstrator and download the Use Case Guide

Use Branded RFID Enable Tag Stickers


A simple "tap" using your smart phone provides instant access to the securely donate, anywhere, anytime.

The Branded Sticky is easy to setup and change to maximise the donors experience. In addition, a QR code can augment and initiate the same process when the ability to "tap" using a phones NFC reader is not available.

Scan the QR Code or click the Donation Demo Button below to see how easy and informative a contactless donation process can be.

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Donation Use Cases

ArmBand 1.jpg

Support Individual runners and volunteers by helping them collect contactless donations on the move, before, during and after an event or activity.

Donation Money_edited_edited.png
Breast Cancer Awareness Race
Illustrated Map

Extend Your Collection Points

New Donation Opportunities

New Charity Events

Provide contactless donation to any and all existing collection points, rapidly and at low cost.

Extend your collection network to new locations.

Develop new donation opportunities at any event, including charity runs, barbeques, pop-up stalls and shows.


Deliver a a greater understanding of your Charities work and impact and build a closer relationship with your donors.  

Let your imagination free, with the ability to deliver informative and engaging activities and events that provide new and exciting donation opportunities for all age groups.

Develop a new level of understanding about your organisation to new audiences and communities.

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Teaming With Charities

The Movement Centre
SYA - Shropshire Youth Association
Parents Opening Doors - PODS
Lingen Davies Cancer Trust
Jet Singh Trust
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