The NextGenDonate Contactless Charity Donation Solution

Turn any object and environment into a contactless donation point for your charity.

Help address the challenges of digital donations through retrofitting your existing retail outlets, collection points, collection boxes and events with an easy to use, low cost, high impact solution based upon mobile phone contactless function.

This allows you the capability to have a single touch engagement for donations, providing you with the ability to receive donations, collect Gift Aid Information, provide feedback to the donor about how their contribution will help and encourage ongoing support through connection to your social media.

See It In Action

Powered by use your existing digital payment platform, this enables the rapid adoption of a new inclusive engagement style with your donors and patrons.

How It Works

Tap A Sticky with your Mobile Phone

With your branded Sticky(s) deployed. Use a mobile phone to tap the Sticky to start the donation process.

Tap to Pay for Charity 2.jpg
Tap to Pay.jpg

Select The Donation Amount and Add Gift Aid Details

The donor chooses their preferred donation amount. You set the Donation Options and Values. They can also add their details for Gift Aid.

Engage post donation with a Thank you Video/Message and links to Social Media

Once a donation has been made, deliver a message directly to the donor, thanking them and outlining the importance of their donation to your Charity and more importantly to the people your Charity supports.

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