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Contactless Charity Donation

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Teaming With Charities

The Movement Centre
SYA - Shropshire Youth Association
Parents Opening Doors - PODS
Lingen Davies Cancer Trust
Jet Singh Trust
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Helping You Evolve The Donation Experience

Enabling Charities to innovate with high impact cashless donations.

With ever increasing pressure on Charities, NextGenDonate, provide an easy to use solution to deliver a hybrid donation capability for your charity.


NextGenDonate can help augment and extend your existing donation methods. Providing you with the ability to use multiple, contactless branded donation points, extending your reach, delivering increased awareness of your Charity and building closer engagement with your donors. 

Helping You Fill The Gaps For YOUR Charity Donations

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NextGenDonate helps you fill the missing pieces of your Charity Donation strategy, delivering the ability to donate anywhere and at anytime without the need for a smartphone application.

Sticky Our Premier Partner

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The NextGenDonate solution is powered by the fantastic capability of Sticky Connections ( We are their Premium Charity and Fundraising Partner.

The Sticky based solution provides any Charity with a low cost, powerful, flexible capability to deliver a next generation donor experience.   

Get in Touch

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NextGenDonate are passionate about helping you maximise your donations, for a personal discussion about how we can help you please contact us.

01630 684057

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