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Donations, No Matter The Weather

Britain's temperamental weather can often pose a challenge for charities, especially at fundraising events. Conventional donating strategies can become quite difficult in poor conditions, with physical donations becoming the most susceptible.

This challenge can be easily overcome with Sticky's.

Sticky's are completely weatherproof, even being able to survive a full cycle in a washing machine and coming out the other side completely functional. They are completely self sufficient, being able to withstand being left out in the most brutal conditions and still not receiving a single digital scratch. They can be used in any weather, be it rain or shine, needing no form of power or charging whatsoever. Simply stick a Sticky to any surface and away you go.

This opens the door to many more donating opportunities.

You could use Sticky's at an event, placing them outside on tables for donations and drinks orders. You would no longer need to consider the weather, keeping the event organisation stress to a minimum. Fundraisers doing outdoors events could stick a Sticky to their clothes, allowing them to receive donations at all times.

This leads to a more adaptable donating experience for both charity and donator.

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