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Behind The Scenes At NextGenDonate With Gill Nunn

Gillian Nunn, Director of NextGenDonate founded the organisation in September 2021 to help charities in the West Midlands to increase their donations.

Gill has a background in corporate technology and business sale working for a marketing leading technology company.

NextGenDonate use Sticky, a personalised, highly adhesive sticker coded with an electronic tag that can be attached to any object or surface into a contactless donation point. This solution allows donors to easily tap and donate using their mobile phone, with the option of adding Gift Aid.

Gill, believes this will enable smaller, local charities, as well as churches, museums, and hospices, to not only make their fundraising easier, but also boost the value of their average donation.

Gill explains “Lower footfall in shopping centres and the reduced number of events over the last few years has certainly made it harder for smaller charities to get out into their communities and engage donors, but the transition to a cashless society has been presenting challenges for much longer.”

“It’s essential that grass-roots charities with smaller budgets can get the tools they need to diversify their fundraising activities and build ongoing financial support. We’re already working with a number of charities across the West Midlands and it’s been fantastic to see the results they have already achieved.”

“We see the real value for charities as having the chance to build lasting relationships with donors that could ensure their support for years to come.”

I asked Gill some additional questions to help me understand the inspiration and capability that is delivering donation growth for charities.

What inspired you to start NextGenDonate?

Working and living in Shropshire we identified the need for an easy way for any Charity to increase their donations. Over the past 2 years, they have suffered greatly due to Charity shop closure and the lack of Fundraising events.

How does NextGenDonate help Charities?

NextGenDonate enables Charities to take Contactless payments, collect GiftAid and donor data that enables marketing for future events and activities and claim that all important extra 25% through GiftAid.

How Does the solution work?

The Charity donation solution is based upon a low-code technology that allows NextGenDonate to rapidly build and publish, cost effective highly functional Donation sites using technology from our partner These sites are accessed via RFID Tags known as Stickys utilising your mobile phones contactless technology (similar to Google Pay and Apple Pay). As these Stickys do not need power or an app on your phone, it enables any charity to turn any physical world location into a donation point.

What successes can you share with us?

We are engaged with a number of Charities both small and large who are using out Contactless solution and are reaping the benefits of growing not only their donation capabilities but also their knowledge of their donor. This is enabling them to target future campaigns, events and activities more accurately. Some examples of this success is with PODS, SYA, Lingen Davies, Jet Singh and The Movement Centre to name but a few.

What aspect of working with charities do you enjoy most?

The People, both fundraising teams and supporters, the energy from everyone is always positive. We also enjoy seeing the success of this solution helping not only the donors but enabling the Charities utilise donations in a beneficial way within the community.

Where is NextGenDonate heading?

We are developing not only the donation technology but also additional functions at events such as registration, order at table and also data capture for specific activities to help Charities develop and share how they can and will help the local community.

If you were a Superhero, what powers would you have?

If I had a superpower it would be the ability to travel in time as an observer, so I could see how history really developed and how things we do today will help people in the future.

Gill, Many thanks for your time and insight into NextGenDonate.

If you would like to know more you can find Gill on LinkedIn:

And to find out more about NextGenDonate, visit our website here:

Follow us on Social Media at the links below:

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