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What Is A Sticky?

The NextGen innovation is powered by Sticky.

Stickys are a fantastic way to enhance the amount of donations your charity can achieve and engage with your community whilst not breaking the bank, but what exactly is a sticky and what can your charity do with it? Whilst we’ve covered many different aspects of what a Sticky can do in our blog series, we haven’t written a blog concentrating purely on what a Sticky is, so I thought it was about time we had one.

Let’s start with what a Sticky looks like. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand with a front facing design that can be made to look however your charity likes and an adhesive back that can stick to any surface – hence the name Sticky. Stickys are eye-catching without being intrusive; compact, working with any space. Simply stick it to any surface and you have a donation point that's effortless to set up, but with a very high impact.

So how does it function? Well, inside a Sticky there is an RFID tag that lets your smart phones NFC capability interact with it. This means that when you tap a Sticky with your phone it reacts by launching a Sticky webpage, without the need for an app. These webpages can be designed by either us or our customers and can be used for a variety of different purposes. Since Covid, contactless payment has almost become the norm, with it being regarded as a safer alternative to cash. I practically never carry cash around with me anymore and I know a lot of other people who do the same. Due to this, relying solely on physical donations can prove to be a hindrance to the amount of donations you could be potentially receiving.

Okay, so we’ve covered what a Sticky looks like and how it functions, but what can I do with it and how can it help my charity? Sticky is incredibly multifunctional and can be used for many different events and scenarios. The most common usage would be to receive donations and we’ll use this one as an example. Upon tapping a Stick with your phone, you’re directed to a Sticky webpage. This page can be designed however you like, with images, video and text to show information about your charity or whatever you want. Alongside this, our usual donation Sticky would have buttons to donate with. Tap on these buttons and you’ll be directed to a page asking for a bit of information about yourself and then, of course, payment information. The payment information is kept completely private to the donator, but the personal information is collected so that your charity can get a better idea of who is donating to them. This is just one example however and designing a Sticky is relatively easy, so any other design ideas you might have can be easily implemented.

NextGenDonate are the proud premium partners of Sticky and we have full faith in this solution. A charity of any size can use a Sticky to gather more donations, in a smarter more efficient way that’s rewarding and engaging for both the donor and your charity.

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