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What Does Our Recent LinkedIn Poll Tell Us?

Recently, we held a poll, asking a simple question: “what is your preferred method of payment”. The results demonstrated that people have changed their methods of payment moving from cash to contactless payments.

The results of our poll showed that contactless payment is rapidly becoming the preferred style of payment via mobile phone leading the way over cards.

Here is the link to our poll:

The poll showed that 53% of people said they preferred using their smart phone to make a payment, via Apple or Google pay, 40% preferred using a contactless debit or credit card, and the remaining 7% used their card without contactless. The simplicity and payment limit is clearly now the more desired form of payment. This shift in payment options is impacting all aspects of our lives, from retail, through hospitality to charity donations.

The results supporting contactless mobile options show that charities could be facing a new type of challenge for individual donations. Many people no longer carry or use cash and this will impact the more traditional donation system of collecting cash through donation boxes. Charities need to consider several factors, all of which clearly point to having a hybrid donation strategy, supporting their donors preferred donation payment style. In addition, collections both in the street and at events will need to evolve to meet the growing usage of contactless, cashless payments.

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