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The NextGenDonate Guide to Sticky Use Cases

The demonstration page on our website has recently been updated to include a Use Cases Guide for Stickys. The guide covers a couple of different scenarios in which you could use a Sticky and a couple of different ways you could use them in that scenario. I’ve touched lightly on a couple of uses for Stickys in previous blogs, but to cover all of them would be nigh impossible. We’ve compiled this guide to give our customers an introduction to some use cases and help them potentially come up with their own ideas for how they could incorporate this technology into their business.

Our first use case example is activities and events, such as a garden party. Being completely weatherproof makes Stickys the perfect choice for these outdoor events. Stickys can be easily attached to stalls for buying gifts, collecting donations and general advertisement and information. Putting up registration points at the entrances and exits of an event becomes a doddle, allowing your charity to collect contact details from your attendees and gain further insight into your demographic.

The next example is fund raising occasions, such as a dinner. Dinners are a great way to get everyone involved and earn some vital donations, but often setting up everything needed to receive those donations can be quite tricky. Raffles and auctions can be common occurrences at dinners and Stickys can be used for both, putting everything all in one place and system. Placing a Sticky on a table allows guests to order food and drinks, even showing you how long your order will take to arrive.

Individual donations are our most popular usage for Stickys and it’s where they really shine. Stick a Sticky to any surface or piece of clothing and you’ve got yourself a donation point that can be accessed simply by tapping it with your smart phone. An example of this use case could be a fun runner with a Sticky attached to their armband. This makes them a mobile donation point, getting rid of the need to carry around a box to collect donations, whilst also letting you collect information about your donors. A simple but effective upgrade to the already existing format, that gives you added flexibility and control.

Stickys thrive at corporate and retail events, being an excellent way to show information about your business to your customers and making a great tool to sell products with. The standard donate Sticky that we mostly focus on here at NextGenDonate can be easily formatted to show a list of your products in a visually pleasing and eye catching way. Place a Sticky in a shop window and you’ve now got a place to take donations and buy products, even through glass. Stickys also make great business cards, instantly letting you share your contact info with others, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

That covers just a couple of the specific uses for a Sticky and will hopefully, and most importantly, give you some ideas for how this product could be applied to your business. This guide will be updated regularly as more of our customers use Stickys for things we haven’t even thought of, so keep an eye out for more ideas for your business.

The use cases guide can be found here:

Simply enter your details and hit download.

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