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Partnering With The Movement Centre

Gill Nunn, NextGenDonate and Curtis Langley (The Movement Centre) With Monty !

The Movement Centre ( ) is a charity and specialist treatment centre who provide a particular physical type of therapy to children called Targeted Training Therapy. With this therapy, children who have a range of disabilities which cause impaired movement, can gain control of their bodies and do simple things that most of us might take for granted like sitting up straight and walking. The work that this charity does can be life changing for so many children and NextGenDonate are proud to have the opportunity to work with a charity that can have such a positive impact on so many children and parents’ lives.

The Movement Centre were interested in finding new ways to spread their charities message and build better, longer standing relationships with donors, supporters, fundraisers and businesses.

Johnny Wilks and Curtis Langley of the Movement Centre have embraced the concept of how a NextGenDonate Sticky solution ( will help them achieve their objectives.

They can utilise the solution in parallel with their existing fundraising activity, delivering a hybrid approach to donations in order to support and provide their vital services. The NextGenDonate solution enables The Movement Centre to enhance their engagement with donors, react to changes in the way people live and work, with an increased ability to use contactless donations, Smart payment using phones without the need for an app. An important and vital part of this evolution is the ability to gather and collect information about Donors, that would previously have been anonymous to help build longer term relationships and support.

In addition to donations, The Movement Centre are leading the way with the Sticky based solution. Donations are still core to their success, and the provision of a Sticky to individual and team fundraisers at events is only the start of that journey. They are using the capability to employ a Sticky as a business contact card and gathering data at events of people, both parents and practitioners their interest in working with The Movement Centre.

Working together as partners NextGenDonate and The Movement Centre are developing new and engaging ways to build a community of donors and supporters.

Take a look at the fantastic short video created by J&PR ( about how to donate using a Sticky from The Movement Centre.

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