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Helping The People's Orchestra

On Sunday 23rd January The People's Orchestra and Sarah Marshall had their van and £60k of instruments stolen at the weekend.

The impact is going to be massive to the Orchestra and everyone associated with this fantastic team.

See the People's Orchestra and their great work at https://thepeoplesorchestra.com/

NextGenDonate Working with Sticky have created an easy way for people to donate to The People's Orchestra in helping them recover from the theft.

If you would like to donate to the The People's Orchestra please click the link https://tinyurl.com/ThePeoplesOrchestra or scan the QR Code below which provides links to the Orchestra, their social media and a link to donate.

The solution uses RFID tags, called Sticky (www.sticky.to) for donations and information, anywhere and at anytime in the physical world and to provide a rapid, flexible, easy to access donation capability for the digital world we have provided a link sticky.to/a41c904a and the QR Code below

Please help if you can !

#charitysupport#charitydonation #charityfundraising

Thanks for the support from Sticky and the team Tracy Hazlewood Priscilla Israel .James Garner

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