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Experience Is King for Individual Donations

Capturing the hearts and minds of individual donors is critical to the longer term success and creation of strong relationships with your supporters.

The days of a "give and go" donation approach is still very current, but for true success, the objective should be building lifetime support.

This begins with the first engagement, making every stage of the donation experience rewarding. Provide and share information describing why support is needed, how an individuals contribution will help and a demonstration of the impact of previous individual aid.

A NextGenDonate Sticky Donation Point enables Charities to deliver an enriched experience for supporters. Showing how an individual donation can change lives, using text, images and video to build a personal engagement . This encourages and promotes longer term relationship development, growing digitally through Social Media, communications and onwards to bigger and better future proactive engagement .

To experience a demonstration of how NextGenDonate can help your Charity build an unique experience for you have a look at .

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