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Contactless Donations - The Future!

In our last blog, we touched lightly on the current changes that charities might have to potentially consider when it comes to the public perspective of cash and the switch to mostly using contactless forms of payment.

This change has led to some charities being put under extra pressure, not earning the donations they need to achieve for their cause. But there is an answer and NextGenDonate are here to help.

The main cause of this pressure is the way most charities currently receive individual donations. Physical donation boxes are still the most popular format, but this system is becoming increasingly outdated as cash becomes the second-best option for the public. If charities continue to raise funds through this method, they risk potentially missing out and not achieving their fullest potential.

Physical donation boxes may no longer be the best method for receiving donations although they are eye catching and provide a presence. People have generally been encouraged to stop using cash, and thus people no longer carry around cash with them. Subsequently, a good majority of people won’t be able to make donations, especially one-time payments. Online donations are also still very successful, and they work well, but the physical interaction with people at fundraising events is still very important, as events attract lots of people and engage with them in a way that can lead to longer lasting relationships and returning customers.

So, what can charities do to tackle this problem? The answer seems to be that charities need to transition into using contactless payment options, but conventional contactless machines are bulky, can only be placed in select places, often don’t reflect the design choices of a charity and require power. They can also expensive and can be quite time consuming to set up and maintain, especially in volume.

This is where NextGenDonate helps. Our solution, using Sticky (, gives charities the ability to receive donations through contactless payment points that fit in the palm of your and can be stuck to any surface, creating a donation point anywhere, anytime. We like to call it a “hybrid” solution; it doesn’t change the way you raise your funds, just the way you receive them. An upgrade to the already existing system that lets a charity of any size increase the amount of donations they can receive. The inexpensive nature of Stickys, the ability to place them anywhere, and practically no maintenance needed makes them perfect for charity environments.

In summary, the gradual change to a cashless society means charities may need to adapt, too. Stickys offer contactless capabilities, whilst also maintaining the current charity fundraising set up, and NextGenDonate are here to help your charity innovate how you receive donations.

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