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2022 - What Are YOUR Donation Goals ?

What are your 2022 Goals for Individual Donations ?

Lets talk about the future ! What are your plans and activities for Fundraising this year and beyond?

With the possibilities for events and activities presenting you with Fundraising opportunity, from individual runners, team activity, a sponsored event, BBQ or Gala Dinner, maximising donations, collecting Gift Aid information and building longer term relationships have to be at the top of the list.

NextGenDonate will help any charity meet these demands, using cost effective, unpowered branded contact points, anywhere anytime. Bring the physical world to life with information, context, interaction and donations.

We help bring your charity to potential donors, using both physical world engagement through the contact points and extending into the digital world, by using QR Codes, URLs and providing an embedded donation button for your website.

Take a look at how this could change engagement with your community

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